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APC Announces Single Phase Symmetra Product Line End of Life

This week APC announced their Single Phase Symmetra product line will be End of Life on December 31st, 2024. This includes the Symmetra LX and Symmetra RM series. They will continue to support both series until December 31st, 2034 or until the parts inventory is exhausted.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you have a Symmetra LX or RM in the field currently, now is the time to start planning it's refresh or replacement. Below are a few things to consider and our recommendations.

  • How old is your unit?

    • If it's less than 5 years old, you're more than likely ok. However, at the 10 year old mark, instead of refreshing the power modules and intelligence modules, you'll want to replace the unit. Parts will be limited and hard to find, if available at all. Start the budget planning process now!

    • If it's 5-10 years old currently, you'll want to start planning the refresh now! Order the power modules and intelligence modules today, so you're guaranteed to receive them. Even if you're not installing them today, it's better to have them set aside and ready to go, rather than hoping they'll be available in the future.

    • If it's over 10 years old, now is the time to plan replacing the unit. Why invest in new parts and batteries when the unit is End of Life? Use that money towards the purchase of a new UPS with up to date technology.

  • When should you replace your unit?

    • As soon as budget allows! The Symmetra series is an awesome unit and has been a workhorse for many years, but it's old and outdated. Technology has changed and today's units perform much better.

  • What unit is replacing the Symmetra LX?

    • Great question! The new unit will be APC's Smart-UPS Modular Ultra. There are many changes with the new unit, most notably the batteries. This unit will come standard with lithium ion batteries, VRLA batteries will not be an option. These batteries are designed to last 8-10 years, which is the unit's designed life as well. Another change are the power modules. They are configured to 5kVA instead of 4kVA. The UPS will be available in 5kVA, 10kVA, 15kVA and 20kVA configurations.

  • Are there other options on the market besides the Smart-UPS Modular Ultra?

    • Yes! There a few options actually. While the Modular Ultra sounds like a great product, it will be quite a bit more expensive due to the lithium ion batteries. And if you're someone who doesn't prefer lithium ion batteries you're in luck. Below are equivalent products and they don't have lithium ion batteries.

      • Xtreme Power M90S Series

      • Eaton 9PXM Series

      • Vertiv APS Series

While this is a big announcement, it's not to be a frantic one. There is plenty of time to start planning and plenty of paths forward. If you're in need of guidance, we're here to help. We can walk through your specific situation and determine the best solution. Our goal is to keep you up to date on major industry news and informed on the future. Call or email us today to learn more or discuss your future UPS!

APC Smart-UPS Modular Ultra
APC Smart-UPS Modular Ultra

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