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UPS Capacitor & Fan Replacement

UPS capacitors and fans have a lifespan of 7-8 years. In order for the UPS to remain in a safe operational state, the capacitors and fans need to be replaced. Similar to the oil needing to be changed in your car every 5000 miles. 

Why Do UPS Capacitors & Fans Need To Be Replaced?


Capacitors play a vital role in any UPS system, smoothing, filtering and storing energy. But they're also a component that fails and must be checked regularly during PM visits. UPS capacitors naturally age over time, degrading physically and chemically. When they fail, the UPS will no longer operate as intended and supported equipment is no longer protected. There are multiple ways to tell if a capacitor has failed - leaking oil, swollen, increased temperature, burnt wires and more. All of which can be detected during a PM visit. 


Similar to capacitors, fans play a key role in any UPS system, keeping the unit cool and from overheating. However, they're also a component that fails frequently and must be checked during PM visits. Like capacitors, they age over time and the internal bearings wear down. When the bearings wear out the fan spins at a slower speed or stops spinning all together. When the fan(s) stop spinning this can lead to the UPS overheating, which can lead to other components internal to the UPS failing and ultimately cause the UPS to fail. Fans are checked during PM visits and can be spotted prior to complete failure. 

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