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UPS Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows you to see the status of your UPS no matter where you are. 

How It Works


The UPS uses SNMP cards and management software to transmit data to the network. This data can include load levels, input and output voltage, and battery voltage, and most importantly alarms (these are triggered automatically). The software sends an email or SMS message to the connected parties notifying them of the alarm. SNMP cards are normally sold with the UPS or as an accessory by the UPS manufacturer. However, there are 3rd party SNMP cards below. 


We are an authorized reseller of Generex remote monitoring systems. They offer SNMP cards, battery monitoring systems and centralized monitoring for multiple UPS systems. Their SNMP cards function the same as above. The battery monitoring system monitors each individual battery in the UPS and equalizes the charge across all batteries, helping to extend their life span. The central monitoring software connects each UPS at one site to a central computer. From this computer you can easily monitor and see the current state of every UPS. 

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