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UPS Installation

We have the skills and knowledge to plan out an entire UPS installation from the removal of a old UPS to safe and compliant install of a new UPS. Our full turnkey solution will reduces the headache and responsibility of our customers. 

Our Process

Site Visit 

Once it's decide a new UPS is needed, we'll schedule a site visit to review the UPS and physical location in person. We'll verify the load on the UPS and determine if we need the same kVA rating or do we need to scale down or up in size. We'll measure the footprint of the existing system to know the size limit of the new UPS. We'll have our licensed electrician with us as well so they can determine the electrical materials required for the replacement. 

UPS Selection

After our site visit, our Sales Team will review the information and consult with you on the findings. We'll gain a better understanding of the UPS you're looking for and then work our magic to make it happen. We work with a variety of vendors, so we have a huge inventory of units to choose from, allowing us to find the perfect match. 

Install Day

Once the unit is ordered and has arrived, we will schedule an install day. Our trained technician will be on site to decommission the old UPS and remove from site. We'll move the new UPS into place and our licensed electrician will electrically install the unit. Once the unit is completely installed, our technician will start up and test the new unit. And just like that, a UPS is installed and online!

UPS OEM's We Offer

As mentioned, we offer a wide variety of UPS's. See below for all of the OEM's we offer. 

ups installation service
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