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UPS Battery Replacement

Batteries are a critical component of every UPS system. Batteries are necessary to keep your equipment running in the event of a power loss. That is why it is critically important to make sure when your batteries reach their end of life they are replaced with new batteries. ORE Power can help match any battery your UPS system has and find the right size battery for you. Along with traditional VRLA batteries we can also help you look to the future with new battery technologies such as lithium ion and zinc nickel.

Our Service

Install & Removal

We have trained technicians that can perform turnkey install and removal service for your UPS batteries. Turnkey including delivery of the batteries to site, removal of old batteries from the UPS, installation of new batteries, and removal of the old batteries from site and disposed of per EPA standards. 

Battery OEM's

We offer a wide range of batteries - CSB, Enersys, C&D, DEKA, Interstate, Raion and more!

ups battery replacement service
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