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Powering Your World Without Interruption

We are a New Jersey based Uninterruptible Power Supply service provider offering nationwide coverage.

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Our Services

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Preventative maintenance service on a UPS and it's batteries are vital for ensuring continuous operation, extending equipment lifespan, optimizing performance, complying with regulations, mitigating risks, and ultimately saving costs associated with downtime and emergency repairs.


Battery replacements are an important part of maintaining a UPS. We offer a wide variety of battery makes and the service to replace them. 


With a dedicated 24/7 emergency line and technicians on call, ORE Power can respond at any time to help ensure the downtime of your UPS is minimized.

What Makes Us Different

ORE Power was founded in 2013 and to this day remains family owned and operated. While our company is only 11 years old, our staff has experience ranging from 5-20+ years in the UPS industry.

It's easy for large OEM's to lose sight of customers and their needs, but at ORE Power we make it our mission to ensure all of our customer's are receiving the best service possible. From the field to the office, we take pride in listening to our customers and then creating a game plan to help resolve the issue at hand. 

By being family owned and operated, it allows us the flexibility to tailor our services and solutions to meet the customer's specific needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!


Our Products

xtreme power ups
riello ups
apc ups
eaton ups
vertiv ups
myers lighting inverter

We offer a wide variety of UPS manufacturers such as, Eaton, APC, Vertiv, Xtreme Power, Riello and more! This allows us to determine the best solution for your power needs. 

csb ups battery
deka ups battery
enersys ups battery
c&d ups battery
yuasa ups battery
gnb ups battery

As with our UPS manufacturers, we offer a wide range of battery manufacturers. However, we believe in selling the best products available, which is why we are a reseller for all Tier One batteries like CSB, Enersys and C&D. 

Our warehouse is filled with refurbished parts and units. We understand budget may not allow for brand new equipment, which is why we refurbish gear, test it and offer it at great discount!

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